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A comet discovered in whose existence has been integrated into contemporary astrology. Chiron, as originally observed by astronomer Charles Kowal, is an estimated miles in diameter, by far the largest comet-like body in the solar system. It was thought to be a planetoid traveling in its orbit between Saturn and Uranus and only in discovered to be a comet. Believed to be a new planet, astrologers moved quickly to integrate it into traditional astrology. A volume detailing its movement through the astrological signs was quickly compiled and made available at the meeting of the Astrologers' Guild of America.

Zane B. Stein founded the Association for Studying Chiron and published initial speculations in the association's periodical, The Key. He also authored the first book on the planet, Interpreting Chiron, in It was immediately followed by several others in the attempt to offer psychological insights into the new factor in the horoscope. The story of the ancient Greek mythological character for whom the planet was named was detailed by Dale O'Brien, who saw him as the first astrologer, trained by Artemis and Apollo. By the time that Chiron was discovered to be a comet, an estimated 20 percent of practicing astrologers were regularly ad-ding it to their clients' charts astrologers being quite conservative in making any major alteration to the preparation of charts.

The discovery that Chiron was a comet did not lead to any demise in its popularity, though it may slow any further acceptance by the next generation and inclusion in twenty-first century astrological textbooks. Box , Sacramento , CA Clow, Barabra Hand. Paul , Minn. Reinhart, Melanie. Topics that are related to metaphysics, the supernatural, or alternative medicine tend to appeal to you and you enthusiastically explore them.

It is also possible that you are able to heal others by using your hands. You have an amazing awareness of what is going on in your mind on a subliminal level and ability to project it outwards. There is a large amount of artistic talent in this placement and when you feel properly motivated you can create truly inspirational pieces.

Science, and its systematic approach, feels foreign to you and you do best in the creative realm, learning by being exposed rather than by traditional methods. Make an effort to visit areas where you can spend time near lakes, the ocean, or other bodies of water as they are a calming effect on your spirit. Extremely sensitive, you have accurate intuition and are easily inspired. It is possible for you to communicate with the spiritual world through your subconscious while asleep.

Let your intuition guide you in assisting others. You are plagued with internal strain and are constantly fighting yourself as to whether you wish to act dutifully or be free to do as you may.

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There may be trouble with collaborating with others, as this causes you great tension. Anger is easily triggered in you and you can become quite difficult with little warning. It is imperative that you learn to accept others for the unique individuals that they are, as this is only fair. Try to foster forgiveness and let go of past slights. Find a way to release the pent up feelings you carry inside slowly rather than exploding uncontrollably when you cannot keep them in any longer. They behave as actors in a production. What is happening on stage?

The signs in astrology are the way that the actors behave on stage. How are they living their life, in their highest good or in their shadow?

The signs describe in detail how the actor might react, behave or conduct themselves. Pisceans are sensitive, kind, caring, unobtrusive, amiable, flexible, prophetic, private, mysterious, and altruistic with excellent intuition and a bend towards idealism learn about compatibility with Pisces here. However, when afflicted they are capable of being overly-emotional, fickle, gullible weaklings who wallow in their own despair and cannot make a decision.

Aiding others helps them achieve balance within. In regards to love, Pisceans care about the little things and can be rather romantic. They may place their partner on a pedestal, requiring their significant other to exhibit the traits that the Piscean has attributed to them and are often left wounded when their partner inevitably fails them. Disenchantment sets in when the Piscean learns that the partner was not necessarily who they originally thought they were.

Similar to the image used to represent Pisces, the Piscean soul is pulled in opposing ways. This constant struggle can wreak havoc for a Piscean internally as they are never quite sure which path is the correct one to take, forcing them to listen solely to their gut instincts. However, dealing with the internal chaos can cause so much tension for them that they turn to escapism via over-eating, substance abuse, or other indulgences. One part of the Piscean spirit drags them into the depths of despair while the other one is always striving to purify the soul, lifting the Piscean through the dirt by self-discipline, and allowing them to obtain a great deal of wisdom from their suffering.

Pisceans must be mindful of the environment in which they surround themselves as they absorb energy without meaning to. A negative environment will have a devastating impact on them and should be avoided as much as possible. If they are able to keep the vibes around them positive, they can focus their inner talent for creativity in beneficial ways.

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A Piscean may be so highly attuned to what is going on around them that they will pick up on sensations and observations that most are blind to. Pisceans may at times seem to be set on a goal, but by nature they are not very sure of themselves and their determination may quickly falter if pressed. A strong drive to achieve is not usually part of their makeup and they require a good deal of support and encouragement. Deciphering the array of complex emotions they possess is important to them.

They can be very insecure, doubting their decisions at every turn; it is imperative that they develop confidence in their own capabilities. Pisceans can be very giving of themselves and aiding others in some way helps them to stay positive. They are highly emotional people and when they are able to channel this energy to benefit others, they feel rejuvenated.

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Peaceful and sensitive, Piscean tend to avoid confrontations even when they are necessary. This unfortunately leads them to be part of sticky situations that they have a difficult time escaping from. No is not a word that is easy for a Pisces to say, instead they remain in negative situations believing that if they reform somehow, all will work itself out again. They are apt to play the victim or the hero, depending on the circumstances, in order to remedy a hardship. Pisceans will usually give more weight to their heart than they would their brain when making decisions, and this can be easily manipulated by those who may not have their best interests in mind; they may empathise too readily when being told a sad tale.

Their intentions are honourable, though it would be best for them to develop their rational sensibilities and learn to keep a more level head in these matters. Pisceans can be rather private, though they are able to make social connections easily and remain faithful to them. Though they are not aggressive types, they will come to the defence of those they care about when necessary, in their own way. A Piscean can have trouble igniting that driving force that others may have more readily available to them.

This does not mean that Pisces are all lazy folk; however they do often spend more time procrastinating than actually doing what they are supposed to. Having a bit of time to themselves each day to regroup can actually motivate them to achieve more. Pisceans intuitively sense what they can and cannot do. Regrettably, this innate understanding may keep them from trying something they feel they will unable to accomplish. The Fish can easily sink into despair over a negative comment from another, even if this comment was spoken with good intentions.

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At times the sensitive emotions of the Piscean will project slights where there were none. Pisceans often attempt to explain their behaviours as they are seeking true understanding from others. Unfortunately, due to their inability to handle confrontations, they will seem as though they are not being truthful while they twist words around trying to elicit an understanding of their true intentions. When they do something wrong, they would rather find a way to express their good intentions then to admit fault, even if this means being somewhat dishonest.

You are warm, considerate, amiable, positive, balanced, and socially pleasing. You are a wonderful companion to your mates and are gifted at making others feel cared for and at ease. While you are quite the people person, you are also very logical and rational, with good decision-making abilities, if only you could make up your mind. You enjoy artistic pursuits, especially that which may incorporate music; you may be interested in working as an entertainer. Social relationships are a necessity for you and you abhor any sort of conflict, especially emotionally.

What you long for is harmonious interactions where you feel things are evenly balanced.

You dislike manual labour and prefer to stick to white-collar professions. At times you may sacrifice things that are important to you just to keep the harmony or you may become elusive, where others cannot seem to get an answer from you one way or another; indecision can become a major problem for you. Inwardly you may be at war with yourself although you do not let others see this. Coming to a conclusion about something is challenging because you easily comprehend the different angles of each situation and wish to be just to each consideration.

Be sure that you uphold your own values. Mentally, you are original, unconventional, quick, advanced, quirky, unpredictable, methodical, and perhaps a bit odd. You are not fond of tradition and prefer to be consistently engaged in finding new and different inventions in technology and science. Your view is that the human race would best settle their troubles if they trusted science and used their intellect. Inventing new theories and thinking outside of the box are so vital to you that you feel frustrated with people when they prefer the tried and true methods.

You are usually one of the first to obtain the newest gadget or gizmo and are likely to be drawn to stories dealing with science and technology; these can be inspiring for you. You possess a strong drive to benefit humanity in some way, as well as a talent for keeping things in order, and you are an enthusiastic team player. You work best when you are truly fascinated with the subject at hand; for you, this means being involved with matters that are modern and inventive.

Your mind is flexible, adaptable, controlled, resourceful, reasonable, and unique. It is easy for you to read others quickly and accurately, using your strong intuition you can see through their defences. You are a clear communicator and tend to think for yourself despite any challenges from others. However, at times you may come across as a tenacious, bizarre extremist.

You convey your affection with empathy, kindness, warmth, and consideration while adding a bit of old-fashioned romance. You are very giving by nature and wholeheartedly come to the aid of those who need it. However, be mindful not to trust others too easily as you can be easily moved by a sad tale and taken advantage of, enabling others to rely on you as their sole support. Your romantic relationships may begin by you finding someone who is having a rough time and believing only your love can somehow save them.

Those who exhibit a creative and emotionally sensitive nature are drawn to you, and you to them. You crave to be bonded with someone with whom you can have a truly meaningful union with. Shallow relationships do not appeal to you; you need something deeper, something you can put your soul into. Your views towards relationships are very idealistic and you prefer to see things through rose-tinted lenses. The beauty in a love relationship does not elude you though you must be mindful not to be in love with a vision rather than what is really there. You are a delicate soul, sensitive and at times emotionally intense, as well as creative and sympathetic.

Your high sensitivity and receptivity may bring about premonitions. You may somehow feel deep down that true love is not real unless it hurts, and so you readily sacrifice yourself. You express your energy in a passive, cooperative fashion. You are likely to avoid confrontations in general, preferring to deal with issues indirectly. Being in the lime-light would only make you uncomfortable and therefore you prefer to work out of sight.

Unfortunately, you will often rather lose something rather than compete for it. You are not particularly concerned with ambitious pursuits and will not engage in competition to get ahead and this can come across to others as cowardly. Being at the top is not something you would strive for and you are better suited to an assisting position, or aiding or benefiting others somehow. Realistic strategy is difficult for you and it may be a good idea to elicit help when planning ahead.

Never certain what exactly it is that you want to do with your life, you wander about aimlessly in search of spiritual fulfilment. You can be quite a daydreamer with an idealistic view, possibly devoting yourself towards religion or spiritual matters. There are artistic inclinations here that can be fruitful if you are able to devote yourself to developing them. You may seem calm on the exterior, though there is a lot happening on the inside.

You are also tactful and subtle with a great sense of humour and a strong intuition. However, indecision wreaks havoc in your life and you may be prone to escapism by substance abuse to avoid your duties. It is imperative that you develop self-discipline.

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Make an effort to create the changes you want to see in your life, do not expect life to hand them to you on a silver platter. The best way for you to grow is through benefiting humanity or enlightening others. You believe that everyone is connected and that what harms one of us, harms the rest. You are compassionate, giving, amiable, modest, unobtrusive, and prophetic with a quiet humour and excellent intuition.

Spiritual matters are of particular significance to you though you must carve your own road to truth. Occasional seclusion from the world is healthy for you as you may need to sooth the tensions you feel internally. You feel a strong urge to aid those that are less fortunate than yourself and may be involved in humanitarian efforts; your presence allows others to have faith that somehow things will work out for the best. You can become effective in the healing arts, if interested. Being out in nature is a favourite pastime, and you have an affinity for animals, especially those of a larger breed.

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  7. When afflicted, you can be too emotionally sensitive, embellish facts or stories, over-indulge, prone to excess in general, and become wrapped up with the long-gone joyful moments of the past. You are easy to talk to and know just how to negotiate a situation; your fairness encourages others to have faith in you.

    Be mindful of your kidneys and the health of your urinary tract as you are prone to having issues with them. The influence of Saturn in this placement hinders the kidneys, enabling the impurities in your system to fester rather than being expelled. Make sure to hydrate yourself as much as possible to counter this issue. You will find that you are required to be diplomatic and kind to others, showing acceptance, care and peace when interacting with people.

    Unfortunately, Saturn in Libra challenges your romantic partnerships in a way that forces you to develop self-control, diligence, and harmonious methods of conflict resolution. You tend to seek out partnerships as they help you to feel safe, though you may commit to a marriage for financial reasons or chose someone who is born in a different generation than yourself. The possibilities in this placement are many; you may pick a partner who is reserved and cool, or someone older than you, or perhaps you marry in your later years as you are unable to meet someone whose values coincide with your own.

    There is a chance that your high standards are unrealistic or too traditional make it difficult for you to find a match. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. Learning and acquiring information is important to you, though you may insist that each new piece of data be proven scientifically before accepting it as valid.

    Also, you will find yourself readily sharing the new information you have acquired with others. Your mental make-up includes a methodical approach to creating, something that you much enjoy doing. There may be a tendency to be impatient and domineering intellectually, as pride is something you need to keep an eye on.

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    Your insistence on always being right may create conflict for you with your family or community and you will often embark on many short-lived intellectual adventures to obtain the constant stream of data you crave. You may also possess ability for the written and spoken word. You place a high significance on your public image and your need to acquire success may be in the forefront for you emotionally.

    Career pursuits may alternate throughout your life. You are drawn to positions of leadership in your work life due to your strong insistence on expressing your unique authenticity; by mindful of becoming too emotionally dramatic. Mercury in this placement gives you a clever, observant mind that is able to absorb information like a sponge. Quick and attentive, as well as gifted with versatility; you can be a jack-of-all-trades. It is likely that you will go through many short-lived adventures, but in time you will be able to bring your ideas to fruition due to your ease at articulating yourself through both the written and spoken word.

    Being very detail oriented, you may venture into a career in teaching or technology. A feeling of luxury is important to you in your home and you crave to be in an attractive environment. People feel comfortable when in your home as you have a knack for making them so.

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    You are creative and particularly delight in entertaining others, especially children and family members. This placement creates a tendency towards weight gain as you age, however it bestows you with a pleasing and content life. You have a passionate energy to create a secure, independent life early on. Home life can be described as challenging due to your tendency to be domineering and touchy, even abrasive at times, to those in your home. You must find a way to channel your excess emotional energy into physical labour of some sort as this will help sooth you.

    This placement opens the mind and allows you to better understand whatever comes your way. You easily see the big picture, though may at times be blind to specific details. Your mental makeup contributes to a positive, somewhat conservative, thoughtful person with a bend towards philosophy. You are generally well thought of by others but may find yourself focusing more on your own satisfaction. There is a tendency towards feeling restless, though this can be tempered by focusing on your career, as long as you are able to keep moving forward.

    Try to be mindful of an inclination towards impracticality. You have a good head for business, are largely self-sufficient, and diligent in creating structure. It is likely that you will find yourself rising steadily to the top rather than a quick jump to success; be patient as your persistence and determination will pay off.

    Do not try to shrug off your duties as this will lead to disappointments. For you, what you put in is what you what you gain. Your tendency to take advantage of others on your quest for power will ruin your achievements; try to somewhat curb your strong desire to stand at the top of the mountain. Do not discard others, as you may need to rely on them in the future. Your childhood may have been repressed or challenging due to having strict, controlling parents; the tension with one or both of your parental guardians may continue into your adult life.

    A traditional partner is not for you, as you prefer someone a bit more eccentric and unusual. Neither you nor your romantic partners want to walk on the same path as the general public, but rather create your own. Temecula, CA: Self-published. The book is available from Elliot at www. They operate within the trademark guidelines given on this site.

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    How To Contact Continuum. Though Donna left us on her 75 th birthday, July 5, , we will always be grateful for her selfless commitment and immense contributions to the promotion of astrological excellence through her teaching, writing and practice. This background used with permission of Montserrat of The Sacred Feminine. The globe photo used to create the bordered background and elements came from ClipArt. The animated globe is by Iband. Cochrane, David. Astrolocality Magic.

    To read an excerpt on this site, see our articles list. To access the book in its entirety, visit his web site. Cozzi, Steve: Planets in Locality, St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, This excellent book is out of print but can often be found. Davis, Martin. UK: The Wessex Astrologer; and This book was awarded the Spica prize [London, December, ] for the best astrology book published in the years and ".