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Read More. October was a difficult month for many, but November should be easier. I say this fully aware that your ruler Mercury will be retrograde from October 31 to November Mercury retrograde can be annoying at times, but it has an upside, too.

If you looked at the calendar I wrote, you saw that there were no eclipses in October, so what made last month so dramatic? This year, October happened to be located at the midpoint between two eclipses, the ones we experienced on July 2 and July 16, and the ones that are coming December 25 and January Eclipses arrive every five-and-a-half months.

Mercury Retrograde October/November ~ Healing Venom by Darkstar Astrology

Astrologers view the sweep of time in a very different way than other people. At a midpoint, the force of the eclipses that already occurred and the ones that are still to come in a few months exert a powerful degree force on that midpoint, which for all of us was October. That made October a trying month for many. It affected mostly the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius, or will in the weeks ahead. For you, that new moon encouraged you to travel, but if you did, things almost surely went haywire, so it was not the time to leave town.

Try it! I turned out to be Classic. The first question is where would you like to go--out of four choices I chose this one London.

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    Introduction to the Year Ahead 12222

    I think you would love it! It's time to read your your November forecast I wrote for you on AstrologyZone. Be sure to check out your sign so you will know ALL your most successful days. SusanMiller AstrologyZone. I had best time on What's Your Sign? If you are reading my monthly forecasts each month on your cell phone browser, there is a better, more modern and secure way. Once you have my app in your phone, you you will have th option to upgrade to my premium version which has much longer daily forecasts, all my essays and more.

    Time to quietly reflect on how you'd best like to use November.

    Even with Mercury retro From now until November 20, you can be sure November will sparkle for yo. Today when I ran into Sephora a darling salesgirl, Diana. When she was looking up a beauty item bought before so I could get the same one, she asked my name. I said Susan Miller.

    A Note from Susan Miller

    She said, "Wait! The real Susan Miller? A new friend! I finished writing Pisces.

    Mercury Retrograde November 12222 ~ Healing Venom

    All 12 signs finished! My editor has edited 11 sign and is working on Pisces in Philly, and then will send to our app to engineers in San Diego and the other engineering team in NYC for my website, Astrology Zone. I am now writing my Note from Susan Miller with some interesting announcements. I just wired Aquarius to my editor and I only need to write Pisces. Now, the universe would like you to relax and play.

    Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

    You have a crowd of happy planets in your eleventh house of friendships and hopes and wishes, including Venus love and fun , Mercury news , the September 28 new moon in Libra opportunity , and the Sun indicating where you will shine—with friends! This all means that in the first part of October, your friends will have a bigger than usual part to play. You can see your friends for lunch, for shopping, for museum visits, trips to the movies, double dates, dinner parties—you name it. If you were thinking of joining a professional or social club, send in your application as early in October as you can to catch the wave of this marvelous new moon.

    Alternatively, you might become involved in a charity or humanitarian effort this month, and if you do, seeing the fine results you generate will give you a great feeling of satisfaction. All new moons stay strong for months, and how things play out depend on the actions you decide to take after the new moon occurs—that is, within the first ten days of October—for those actions will richly color the entire year to come in that area of your chart.

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