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Sept Orders being taken for new book limited edition. All rights reserved KerryKulkens. They seem to have a flair for languages and should make good reporters or television compares. Cancer - June July 22 A strong imagination, kind and sensitive, Cancerian possesses a strong mother hen feeling. Shrewd and a good homemaker, they are, but they can also be over-emotional, over sensitive, moody and indulge in self-pity. They are easily flattered and untidy.

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Leo - July August 22 Leo's can be generous, creative, broad minded, ostentatious and a good organiser. However, in the negative sense, they can also be dogmatic, intolerant, tyrannical, self-opinionated and pompous. Virgo - August September 23 Discriminating, yet precise is the Virgo. Being exact, neat and tidy obsesses them. They are modest in their success and can be rather, finicky and hard to please. They are born to worry. Libra - September October 23 They can be charming, like the nice things in life, romantic and refined.

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Librans can also be a little too idealistic and tactful. They are also indecisive, like flirting, trifling and seesawing through relationships. Others have a great influence on them. Scorpio - October November 22 Scorpions have strong feelings and are rather emotional. They have a great imagination and sense of purpose.

Daily Libra Horoscope, Friday, 28 December 2018

They can be insidious at times and have greatness in sight. They can also be jealous, stubborn, vengeful, secretive and not docile. Kerry kulkens horoscope aquarius. Love horoscopes - horoscopes. He is good. Wife: If you want to stay at home like the little mother, it will be beaut. With Virgo - Friend: You'll have to keep it platonic. Lover: Hard to follow, but he can be quite good.

Wife: This could work ideally. With Libra - Friend: He'll pay you plenty of attention. Lover: You would have to take the lead. Wife: He is very kind, keep him happy and it will be nice. With Scorpio - Friend: He is a bit of a puzzle. Lover: He is the most lovable or the most disgusting. Wife: He expects the world of you.

With Sagittarius - Friend: Like ships that pass in the night. Lover: He likes to make a trophy out of you. Wife: Let him be the boss, and it will work okay. With Capricorn - Friend: He might be too much to handle for you. Lover: If you can break the first barrier, he'll be good.

Wife: He has conservative ideas, he'll be a good father, who demands respect. With Aquarius - Friend: Not much common ground. Lover: Not the lover type, it's with him. Wife: You won't lack material things, but emotional, nil. With Pisces - Friend: Quite good, but try to be open. Lover: He puts you on a pedestal, so you'll have to come down from there and show him you're flesh and blood. Wife: He is a bit weak, you have to make pleanty of decisions.

So, if you follow these guidelines, you may still have to be careful about your choice of partner, before you are prepared to show your full hand of cards in the Love match game. But, remember it's always going to be your choice, because that is what life is all about, choices, your choices. You will have to know your correct birth place and time for yourself and the other person. Hope this helps!

I am on the cust of Aries, Taurus, April 20th. Can anyone tell me anything? Well, that sounds a little to me like the Astrological compatibility that is experienced between humans and their planet. In other words, anything we are comfortable with, is considered to be compatible, and is therefore under the influence of Astrology, or, excuse the pun 'under the stars. You could even say there is a religion of garden, for it teaches profound psychological and spiritual lessons.


Whatever can happen to a garden can happen to soul and psyche - too much water, too little water, bugs, heat, storm, flood, invasion, miracles, dying back, coming back, boon, healing. During the life of the garden, women keep a diary, recording the signs of life-giving and life-taking. Each entry cooks up a psychic soup. In the garden we practice letting thoughts, ideas, prederences, desires, even loves, both live and die. We plant, we pull, we bury. We dry seed, sow it, support it. The garden is a meditation practice, that of saying when it is time for something to die.

In the garden one can see the time coming for both fruition and for dying back. In the garden one is moving with rather than against the inhalations and the exhalations of the greater wild Nature. Both Wild Woman's life-giving and death-dealing natures are waiting to be befriended, forever loved. In this process, we become like the cyclical wild. We have the ability to infuse energy and strengthen life, and to stand out of the way of what dies. Experience is the teacher, and we are forever the students of Nature and life.

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Gina Simon-Blease. Pamela Norton. Saint Happy Now Yes, I am. Love, Jane. Ira Krause. Personal relationships could be troubling you, just try to take things calmly with your partners. Don't blow up things out of proportion and say things you really do not mean. Lotto Numbers: 1. You could be craving for some luxury and may even try to indulge in something you can't really afford.

Hasty decisions could put you on the wrong track, so check everything before promising anything important. Mostly it should be a happier time. You could be feeling resentful towards any form of restriction and some restlessness is evident.

Your judgment may not be up to par, so leave all important decisions till later. Some little luxuries later on are indicated. Lotto Numbers: 5. As your emotions are very much on the surface now, do not make any hard and fast decisions. Best to wait till you have calmed down and have your emotions under control. You may regret the fact that you have confided in someone you shouldn't have trusted. You could be just a little too hesitant in deciding on something important and you could be missing out on a good deal.

However do not let this influence you in future decision making and become too hasty.

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Lotto Numbers: 2. You cannot rely on anything or anybody at eh moment. Best to do the important things yourself and make the hard decisions later on. Your own intuition is the best at the present time. Lotto Numbers: 4.

You could find it hard to keep up with things happening around you. There are some confusing aspects operating in your sector. Just let things happen and sit tight at the moment. Soon you will be in control again. You could be asked to help a friend in need. The best thing to do is give all the help you can, but refuse anything that will put you in a n awkward situation.