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Venus, the planet of what we love and value, is caught between two of the heavy hitters in the zodiac; Saturn and Pluto. If the foundation in your relationship life has cracks in it, this Gemini full moon demands a serious conversation on how to bring more communication and mutual understanding and respect back into the day to day interactions.

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Since Venus also has a say around our financial world making responsible a Capricorn Saturn thing decisions in shopping is part of the picture also. Venus shifts into friendly Aquarius on the 20 th. Just in time to emphasize friendships and opening up to new experiences over the winter holiday season and into early January.

Venus in Aquarius loves to mingle; put your extrovert cap on for the next few weeks as there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and greet interesting characters. The solstice on December 21 st at pm EDT ushers in the turning of the sun. Our days in the northern hemisphere now begin to grow once again as the sun begins it journey towards the summer solstice.

There is an exact square between Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus this solstice. It is also represents more opportunities to learn about subjects that are considered out there. Conferences, workshops, courses on UFO aliens, astrology, crystal healings, and new innovative methods of healing or creative living situations will be more prolific over the next three months.

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The Capricorn new moon is a solar eclipse on December 26 th at am. The new moon is conjunct Jupiter in this eclipse, offering protection and confidence to ring in with hope and enthusiasm. That said Jupiter does have a side to it that can over do. It will be easy to over commit, over spend, over eat, over exercise, and more. Think about what you want in your life and stretch it to the limit. This is a great new moon for manifesting; put it all out there on your vision board, all you want to do, have, accomplished, and more. Jupiter wants us to do more than we think we can as its message is in only giving it a shot will you know where your limitations are and we can be more than we think we can.

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The year ends and rings in on a Pisces moon with Neptune. If you are more of the home body type and leave the public celebratory gatherings to others, Neptune Moon in ringing in the New Year also carries with it great imagination abilities, wonderful for deep meditations, music and movies. De cember Astrology We welcome December on a lovely weekend with the Moon in relationship friendly Libra and Mercury and Venus both slipping into Scorpio adding to the planetary water elements as Mars is in Pisces for December.

With 3 of the personal planets traveling through water signs this month emotions can be all over the map. All might be laughs and smiles and pretty clothes on the outside, on the inside our detective antennae is alert to what is the meaning is behind every sentence and wondering what the agenda is from the person checking us out. It is a dynamic way to begin the fun and festive holiday month. The Sun is square Mars this weekend supplying plenty of energy to compensate for all the promises made to make the scene at all the invitations received.

It will not pass the degree from which it went retrograde until the 24 th , known as the shadow point, but will help with deliveries from the online shopping sprees from the last week in November. If you recall, when Mercury went retrograde it was square Neptune, it goes direct in Scorpio therefore be very mindful of using your credit card and keep an eye out for fraud.

Neptune can be fraud, Mercury is the merchant planet, and Scorpio has to do with money and credit. Stealing cc info may be rampant under this Mercury retrograde. This will be especially significant if you have a Venus Neptune transit happening in your personal chart. If you ever watched the fishing boats out at sea you will see the seagulls fly to the boat for a free lunch. This Sagittarius season, with Jupiter ruling the new moon in its own sign is suggesting there will be many opportunities to enjoy the bounty and abundance that surrounds you.

Just pay attention to your environment and notice when and where the offerings are available to participate. With the Sun, Saturn and Pluto at the same declination in the new moon chart an intense awareness to make the best of life is palpable. Jupiter in Sagittarius with the Sagittarius new Moon desperately wants us to pay close attention to how our mind and beliefs alter our view of the world and impact our experience of life.

Believe in your capabilities and challenge the negative programing that lurks in the corners of the subconscious. The only downside is over confidence in far reaching schemes that have a bit of the gamblers bet riding on them. It is a time to reach out to those who believe in you and help you stretch beyond your comfort zone of what you think and believe you can do and challenge you to do more than you think you can. Challenge yourself to reach the proverbial impossible dream. Find out where the new moon in Sagittarius falls in your chart that placement will be the house and area of life that will be activated.

With Jupiter in the same sign for the next 12 months take advantage of the support from the universe to expand that side of life. You may find blessings and opportunities coming your way where doors have been shut and locked previously. Another challenge presented from Sagittarius surrounds what we believe and our opinions.

It will be a time that your world or inner voice can nudge you to rethink what you always thought was true. That after a certain age it is hard to ……. You fill in the blank. Mars is exactly conjunct Neptune; energy levels can be depleted if you are partying to hard. For the global view, Mars with Neptune is problematic for shipping, the Navy, and pollution in waters. There will be undercurrents that threaten peace at this time. Connect with the light and know that the spiritual warrior within is activated during this cycle.

The charts of the equinoxes and solstices are the foundation for Mundane astrology. Set the chart location for the capitol of the country that you want to know about. This chart shows the news anchors pontificating their opinions with such furor in relentless manner it will be hard to distinguish the difference between a view point and a fact.

Young people will rise to have a strong voice especially in regards to their education. Tension between the president and the other branches of government continue to be strained. The positive manifestation is methodical effort to accomplish an all-consuming passion.

Pluto has once again returned to its own node emphasizing the nature of Pluto and the depth which it will go to uncover hidden resources and elements. Of course if mankind can mine for oil, minerals and the rest in a respectful way perhaps she is happy to oblige. However greed can be an element of the Pluto side and not bother with the extra expense to care for the environment.

It brings into the weekend the deep desire to connect with those you love and feel comfortable around. Food and cozy will be the key words. It may be a bit on the emotional side for those who are lonely or feel distraught over not being able to get everything the way one wants before the last week of the year settles in. The Cancer full moon always is about finding a balance between your responsibilities and duties in life while taking care of the inner and emotional needs.

Christmas and Boxing day, for those who celebrate should be quite joyful with the moon in Leo. That also bodes well for the children opening gifts. The year ends with Mars moving into Aries giving plenty of enthusiasm to say out with the old and hurrah for the New Year. This is an excellent signature for planning and setting your intentions for your new year.

Granted, if you over did New Years Eve with one too many glasses of wine, it is a sign of regret. With the Moon in Scorpio presiding over New Years Eve it can be a time of deep meditation, intuitive recognition of your new year ahead. Many people may choose to spend the evening alone or with a significant other releasing the past and preparing for a year of transformation and accomplishment in December Astrology December begins with Venus moving into Sagittarius as the moon is growing to its full phase.

The important events astrological of December are:. The first days of December intensify towards the full moon on the 3 rd which is the only super moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth at full phase and will appear larger than normal. This full moon carries with it Mercury stationed to retrograde who is together with Saturn at the Galactic center. This point will be revisited with the new moon on the 18 th. This full moon is the only super moon of the year, when the moon is closest to the earth at full phase and will appear larger than normal.

The full moon between Sagittarius and Gemini is a time of revisiting your thoughts and beliefs. This is a great weekend to connect with others that are interested in exploring ideas with gusto and willingness to develop concepts that can be put into action for the betterment of local communities or beyond. It is also a great weekend to get away on a spiritual retreat as Neptune is part of the mix shining its vibe with a desire to merge with the infinite. Music and parties are certainly going to be plenty, with the Sagittarian Centaur in full swing of imbibing in earthly pleasures.

In fact this is strong throughout the month. Mercury retrograde the day of the full moon can bring pause to travel plans. For those in the University setting it is a tough cram time. When exams are in the mix, skipping the study or required effort is a sure bet for unhappy marks. As for other results from exams, health, and such, the first week in December can result is funny numbers, with Neptune strong and Mercury retrograde test results are nearly guaranteed to be requested again. As for signing up for health insurance or other binding legal papers Mercury Saturn suggest to think it through very carefully before you sign the dotted line and hand over your hard earned cash.

Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Uranus will be the void planets this month with a day and a half given to Mars. Mercury at the start of the month ends the day with the mind working overtime seeking knowledge and truth, Saturn from the 6 th to the 19 th leaves us second guessing if we are making the right choices, and from the 20 th to the 25 th Venus takes center stage for the void position sending us to sleep with happy thoughts, and from the 25 th to the New Year Uranus takes over and our true selves emerge to let loose. Jupiter will trine Neptune for the first time since July of , due to the nature of the transits the trine was completed only once that year, Dec is the first of 3 Jupiter Neptune trines, with the second happening in May of and the third in August The December trine will give us a hint of how to access the nature of Jupiter in Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces.

This is an extremely potent time to develop your intuitive skills and further your path along spiritual development. Caution is advised when listening to Gurus who might not be true teachers but more interested in elevating their status.

The Sagittarius new moon at 26 degrees 31 minutes is conjunct the Galactic Center. This opening asks us to release and forget emotional trauma. Of course, this also means relinquishing your greatest emotional grievances. Perhaps this contributes largely to the popular metaphysical model of cellular reprogramming. Second, IFR blasts open the root chakra in the energy system. This chakra releases the old, regenerates our energy, and lifts us off our duffs with renewed inspiration and a sense of real progress.

This is an incredible blessing to forward us to catapult our spiritual progress. Setting your intentions for the Sagittarius new moon will be valuable when you are connecting with the realm of what Sagittarius is all about. Create affirmations that set a positive vibration for what is important for you. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape.

Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders.

12222 Eclipse Charts

How do I know what is real? It is a heart sensation. It is a purity. It is courage. It is integrity. When I keep my heart hidden the chance is that things stay the same. When I reveal my heart the chance is that there might be more experiences of love. And be. I have what I need. I need what I have. It is enough. I am ok.

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Never again will I doubt my right to take up space. I belong here. Feel, sense, perceive.

Aquarius Season Horoscopes - Embodied Astrology - Sensing the Cultural Nervous System

So much gets lost in the noise of thoughts and language. I am going to take a risk now, and for the rest of my life. The risk is to let myself be myself, and to love how I love. The risk is to trust that what, how and who I am is worth loving in return. Now, encourage everyone else to do the same. Listen deeply. Listen deeper. Do not be swayed by what is temporary and erratic. Connect to your deepest truth and broadest vision. There is no such thing as working alone.

Let creative visions emerge in relationship. Release specialness. Your creations including your children are wildly intelligent. Follow their lead. What I grow into, what I reach for and attain will be delivered back to my roots. I honor all the guides and guardians who have led me this far.

My job now is guide and guardian. I assist others on their unique path of growth. The meaning of life is what you make it… So what kind of idea are you?

Aquarius Full Moon: Lunar Astrology 12222

What good is wealth if it insulates me from my humanity? I open to connection and community. My connection and capacity to share are what will bring me the most sustainable pleasure. I give to you, you give to me. We help each other. Happiness follows. Trust change, and build your relationships on foundations of trust.

I can rest in that. Regardless of circumstances, the one thing I can control is how I attend to my internal state. I fill my inner awareness with peace and appreciation. Back About Support this work. Back Sign Up Subscribers' Content. Hello and happy full moon day. Much love - Renee From Embodied Astrology Aquarius Season: Briefly, the astrological significance of eclipses relates specifically to the concept of karma.

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