Nine year cycle astrology

What will the New Year hold? What kind of year can we expect? Have you ever wondered why some years seem so challenging while others seem to go smoothly? Numerology may be able to provide some insight.

Numerology shows how each year is well suited to certain activities and attitudes and is ill suited to others. Numerology is the science of numbers practiced by the ancient philosopher mathematicians and teachers. It is a mathematical system based on the idea that everything has its own vibrational energy. And that numbers specifically have distinct vibrational characteristics. One of the concepts discussed in Numerology is the nine year cycle. Within the nine year cycle, each year is designated with a number from one thru nine, and they follow in sequence. So a one year is followed by a two year and a two year is followed by a three year, etc.

Once a cycle is complete, with the nine year, the next cycle begins again with a one year. The nine year cycle affects us globally through the Universal Year and individually through the Personal Year. The Universal Year is calculated by adding the digits of the calendar year. This is a year for strengthening existing partnerships and building ones.

Like most stories, there are three great divisions of our lives: the First, or opening period, finds us groping to find our true nature; at the same time, we are trying to cope with the powerful forces that are present in our environment, our parents and the socio-economic conditions of our family, for example. The Second Cycle, or middle period of our lives, brings about the slow emergence of our individual and creative talents. The initial part of this cycle - the early and mid 30s - represents a struggle to find our place in the world, while the late 30s, 40s, and early 50s, sees us with a greater degree of self-mastery and influence over the environment.

The Third, or final Cycle, can represent a flowering of our inner being, such that our true nature has finally come to fruition.

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It is during this period that one has the greatest degree of self-expression and power. The ages that Period Cycles influence you vary from person to person based on the Life Path number. Remember you made a note of your Life Path number! You know what you need to do in order to master your Destiny, and you are almost there. What are you going to build first?

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The Numerology Meaning of the Number 9

You are at the halfway point of a 9 year cycle, and so this year will be about leaving a lot behind, and moving forward into unknown territory. And you will like it! Change is the name of the game for you this year and rolling with it in every form will help you to succeed. You will make a lot of new friends this year, have a lot of new experiences, and probably even travel quite a bit this year.


This is a turning point year for you as you test all of these things. You know you are at the midway point and you are weeding out the bad and keeping the good, all the while remaining very flexible. Keep to your own business though and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It is not your job to be judge and jury, but to mind your own business.

March will be an abundant month for you on the material plane if you keep that in mind. This continues into April for you. Being selfish this year will mean these rewards do not come, remember that this is a big karma year. Leadership roles are possible for you come the fall, and if you take them you will see your career path elevate to new levels. Many opportunities have a lucky way of finding their way to you this year, but you will have to work hard to keep them, and you will have to be humble while you do.

Roll with it, without expectations, and luck is definitely your lady. If you do, you will finish the year feeling like quite a fat cat! You will be at the beck and call of others this year, all year long, and you will find great success when you do. Do it all anyway, and be cheerful in the process.

As a 9 year, karma is rewarded handsomely. So the more you serve, the more you will succeed. Obligations must be met for you this year before you experience any rewards. So the first half of this year should be spent tying up those obligations and loose ends. Your tests this year will come in the form of others seeing your acts of good service, and trying to take advantage of that. So as much as you want to help others, be sure you have read all of the fine print before you do, or you could get hosed. A trip away this Summer could clear your head towards getting some quiet time to plan the rest of your year.

If you are able to do that you will finish the year feeling like you are on top of the world, and exactly where you want to be. This is a break year for you if you are a personal year 7 this year. This means you can and you should step back and spend the year in review.

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This is not the year for you to be pushing anything, unless that is in the way of relationships. The past is going to play a large role for you this year, and you will find a lot of success igniting past connections to use for future gain. If you are able to take time off work to focus on someone special this year, then do it. A focus on your relationships and being true to what your heart really wants will take your love life to a level this year that you never even dreamed about.

It will even seem overwhelming at times, but you can handle it.

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The deeper purpose in life is all the more clear to you this year, and truth takes on greater meaning than it ever did. But you will need to hit the pause button to review and be sure that the truth really is what it seems. And it is, especially in the way of love if you let it. New beginnings are on the horizon for you in March.

Personal Year

This could be a career beginning or a love match, and it could even be both. The Summer months you will be working hard, but it will all come together when you do.


Money is going to be a focus for you if you are a personal year 8 this year. And this means you will see big motions in money both coming and going. Real estate is a great investment for you this year, no matter what your current money situation is now. Last year was your work year, this year it pays off. And remember that 9 years are karma based and this means if you have bad money karma, it could catch up to you this year.