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How do you greet your clients?

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Do you make them comfortable? Get to the heart of their issue? And after you read the cards, how do you wrap up a session? Keep in touch? Answer follow-up questions? If your client is leaving upset, how do you work with that? Being a professional Tarot reader is a business and the most successful readers treat it as such.

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This means understanding your fundamental relationship to the cards. What kind of readings do you like to give?

Daily Tarot Reading February 21, 2019 - Magnetic Tarot

Do you want to deal with certain topics, like pregnancy, illness, or death? To attract the type of clients that are a good fit for you, you must play on your personal strengths as a reader. As hard as we try, and as much as we want to please our clients, you will have troublesome people pass through your practice. Tarot readers attract some upset folks at times and also a fair share of skeptics who get a kick out of proving somebody wrong.

You must have your own methods of staying calm and diffusing situations if you have a volatile person sitting across from you. Going from reading for your friends and family to practicing with strangers is a big leap and a necessary one. Try reading at a street fair, cafe, or holiday party…just make sure you get permission first!

If you follow these tips above, you will build the confidence to be a great reader who is paid well for their time. And absolutely, invest in professional readings from others. You will learn a lot about reading styles, your own preferences, and ways of interacting with clients. Why not try with a Tarot advisor on Keen today?

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The questions for this month are:. What do we need to bravely speak up about?

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What do we need to quietly manifest? Where do we need to stay vigilantly on track? When is it wise to be stealthy? To read my responses go to bit. I have started to change that by riding my bicycle to my office today, so here it is for you in all its splendour.

S thank you to those enquirers for helping me get back on my bike. It feels good! For ideas on how to keep on going despite the burden, go to bit. For those who have been asking me how my experience of doing a mass Collective Tarot Reading live at the sydneyoperahouse for Antidote earlier this month was - read the write up at bit.

The questions for September are:. What do we need to wilfully burn? What do we need to peacefully hold?